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Bach to the Drawing Board




Cellist Dr. Karl Ronnevik


Artist Peter Deligdisch



300 years ago, Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the greatest musical geniuses to ever live, penned his Six Suites for Solo Cello. For 200 years the Suites existed in relative obscurity. Only after their celebrated recording in the 1930s by Catalan cellist Pablo Casals did they begin to become widely appreciated. Today they are firmly established as one of Bach’s greatest achievements and serve as a cornerstone of the cello repertoire. The Suites’ beauty and profundity have garnered them popularity beyond the usual confines of classical music. 


Bach to the Drawing Board is a unique event that combines a live performance of Suites I-III with live drawing. Cellist Karl Ronnevik has studied and performed Bach’s Suites for two decades. In recent years he has been fascinated with their underlying musical architecture and spirit of improvisation. He's sought to find a way to represent these dual ideas visually in concert. Good fortune put him in contact with Peter Deligdisch, a wildly talented local artist whose imaginative drawing has captivated hundreds of thousands of fans through his Peter Draws YouTube channel and other outlets.


Audiences of Bach to the Drawing Board will be up close and personal to the creative process as Karl and Peter respond and react to one another through sound and ink. Bach’s sublime music serves as the gateway for the performers and audience to share in the act of interpretation. This is living, changing music experienced in a new way. Each performance is unique: an opportunity to go 



Bach to the Drawing Board 

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